The Best of Doughnuts & Crodoughs – London

In the name of doughnut #research, I visited some of London’s most popular doughnut and crodough places in my spare time. Some of these doughnuts/crodoughs are so popular that you would have to wake up early to get them before they run out. I’ve been to St. John, Bread Ahead, Cocomaya and Rinkoff (I’ve yet to try 1235 Donuts) but so far, my favourite is Bread Ahead’s salted caramel doughnut and every time I look at pictures of their doughnut, I feel the urge to hop on the tube to Borough Market.


St. John Bakery
72 Druid St
> Thursday – Friday St. John Smithfield
> Thursday – Sunday St. John Bread & Wine
> Saturday Morning St. John Druid St Bakery

If you like light and fluffy doughnuts, then St. John’s doughnuts are perfect for you. They are almost bread like and the custard filling is equally light. I went to Maltby Market one Sunday, expecting to find doughnuts, only to realise that the bakery was only open on Saturdays. Thank goodness, they had a stall set up that day at the market selling bread and custard doughnuts (they make jam filled ones too) so it wasn’t a wasted trip for me.

St. John Bakery custard donughts

St. John Bakery custard donughts

Bread Ahead
Borough Market
8 Southwark Street
> Monday – Tuesday (in the Green Market) 10am to 5pm
> Wednesday – Thursday 10am to 5pm
> Friday 10am to 6pm
> Saturday 8am to 5pm

Bread Ahead’s doughnuts are the best I’ve had in London so far. @nyoncat and I managed to get THE LAST doughnut at 1:45pm last Friday so I would recommend that you go down to their Borough Market stall in the morning for a greater selection. Unlike the ones at St. John’s, the texture of the Bread Ahead doughnuts is slightly chewier and the flavour of the filling (I had the Salted Caramel) comes through more strongly. The doughnut was pumped full with custard and eating it was a pretty messy but extremely satisfying affair.

Bread Ahead's salted caramel with honeycomb doughnut.

Bread Ahead’s salted caramel with honeycomb doughnut.

12 Connaught St
W2 2AF
> Monday to Saturday 8am to 7pm
> Sunday 8am to 6pm

The cocodoughs at Cocomaya are one of the most visually appealing crodoughs in London and the laminated layers are light and flaky. I’ve had the apple and cinnamon flavoured cocodough at Wild & Wood Cafe back in November and the dark chocolate, white chocolate and orange one at Cocomaya’s Connaught Bakery in December. The cocodoughs are bursting with flavour and are as messy as the Bread Ahead doughnuts when you bite into it. What I like most about Cocomaya is that there are always new flavours to try.

Cocomaya's dark chocolate, white chocolate & orange cocodough.

Cocomaya’s dark chocolate, white chocolate & orange cocodough.

Rinkoff Bakery
224 Jubilee Street
E1 3BS
> Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm
> Sunday 8am to 3pm

79 Vallance Road
E1 5BS
> Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm

After coming down from the Bread Ahead doughnut high, @nyoncat took me to Rinkoff for some crodoughs. The place is a little of the way – we took a bus from Borough Market to Shoreditch Highstreet and took a long walk to Vallance Road. The crodoughs may not look as good as Cocomaya’s, but the flavours are well balanced and the ratio of crodough to filling is just right. But I find that the crodough itself is a little too dense for my liking.

Rinkoff's custard crodough.

Rinkoff’s custard crodough.



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